Studio Information and Policies

All dance attire may be purchased at Second Skin Fashions (905-731-2629) or locally at Spirals (705-721-5558). Rochelle from Second Skin will also set up dates to come to the studio during the season. Emails will be sent out with the exact dates and times when they become available. If you are looking to purchase specific items please contact Rochelle ahead of time.

All students may continue to wear what they have for shoes until they grow out of them. Once you need to purchase new shoes please follow the General Shoes & Attire List on the site. 

*Practice wear (body suit & tights) is required for all classes, no booty shorts, ballet skirts or tank tops*

  • Student’s hair must be tied back securely for class (preferably no bangs)
  • Bun is a must in ballet/acro classes - ponytail for other classes.

Attendance is taken at each class and recognition is given at the end of the season for perfect attendance. Classes cannot be “made-up” for this award. You must attend all of your regularly scheduled classes to receive this award. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child ready at every class. Please call or email if you or your child will be absent. Thank you.

Class Observation

Parents can observe at any time from the waiting/viewing area. This practice is in the best interest of the child, and the child’s well-being and behavior in class should be kept in mind.

Low Enrollment

Classes with low enrollment may be combined with other classes within the same discipline and levels. This may also involve one class moving to a different day. Proper notice will be provided to make accommodations if the condensing of the class doesn’t work for your personal schedule. In rare circumstances classes may be cancelled if they have low enrollment and cannot be combined with other classes. In these cases, a notice will be sent out before classes begin and any fees paid will be applied as a credit to another class of your choice or refunded.

Student Transfer

We are carefully monitoring and watching all of our dancers in the month of September. We want to make sure that the class they’re in is where they will succeed the most. Students may be assessed to be a better fit in a different class or level, which will be determined by the teacher and Miss Allysha. We want our dancers to have fun and succeed in the best ways they can!

Schedule & Holidays

All schedules formulated in the fall are tentative and are subject to change. Notice will be provided for all required changes. Please see our Important Dates List to see what holidays we are following this season. 

Progress Reports

Each child will receive a progress report in the spring, highlighting their personal developments and dance achievements. We are so proud of how hard all of our dancers work and we can’t help but want to share it. If the staff believes your child has demonstrated the required skill and work ethic to compete with our competitive team then an invitation to audition will accompany their progress report. Invitations to audition do not guarantee that your child will make the competitive team.

Inclement/Severe Weather or Acts of Nature

Due to poor weather, acts of nature, or other unforeseen emergencies classes may be cancelled and/or the studio may close occasionally. The decision to close will be made by 2:00 pm on weekdays or 7:30 am on weekends. The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if local schools are closed, since many times the roads are clear and safe by 2:00 pm. If in doubt, call 705-739-6676 for a recording on whether classes will be held or not. Notice will also be sent out via email for any cancellation or closure.

The studio will not close once classes are running unless there is extreme danger to our staff or dancers. If your class is later in the day and conditions worsen it is up to you to decide what is safest.  

Any classes cancelled due to poor weather or acts of nature will NOT be made up at a later date.


Our year-end recital is tentatively booked for end of May or beginning of June and is hosted at Georgian College.


Costume fees will be approximately $85 +HST per dance discipline (for recreational students 10 yrs & under only). Costume fees will be approximately $90 + HST for recreational students 11 yrs & up and will be due by post-dated check upon registration dated Oct. 1st. You may be responsible for sewing on some sequins, or doing minor alterations to your child’s costume. As recital costumes are ordered from a catalog, they may not fit your child’s exact body type perfectly.

Fees will vary for competitive students.


Any injuries that occur on the premises of All That's Dance & More must be reported to an ATD staff member immediately. In the case of minor injuries an ATD staff member will administer the appropriate remedy which may include ice packs, band-aids, or items available in the first aid kit. If a dancer sustains a more serious injury, the parent/guardian will be notified and emergency services will be contacted if needed.

 All That’s Dance & More will not be held liable or responsible for any personal injury. 

Lost and Found

Any personal items left at the studio after closing are gathered up and put into the Lost and Found in one of the two change rooms. In the downstairs change room the Lost and Found is located in the far right locker and in the upstairs change room the Lost and Found is located in the top right locker. All That's Dance & More is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Both the upstairs and downstairs change rooms have lockers for dancers to use. In order to make sure that all dancers have access to the lockers during classes, you must clear out your locker every night before leaving the studio. Dancers are welcome to put a lock on the locker they are using but must first provide the locker combination to All That's Dance & More either in person or via email.

Illegal Activity

Illegal activity including but not limited to underage smoking/vaping, underage drinking, or gambling is prohibited. All That's Dance & More reserves the right to take disciplinary action up to and including dismissing a dancer without refund for illegal activity conducted on the premises of All That's Dance & More or online through a site, web page, social media platform, app, email, or other online media associated with or owned by All That's Dance & More. Furthermore, All That's Dance & More reserves the same right to disciplinary action for bullying or direct threats that is done in person, online, over the phone, or any other communication method not covered here between any All That's Dance & More clientele, staff, and/or visitors.



  • No gum chewing is allowed in class
  • No jewelry is to be worn in class
  • Smoking/Vaping is prohibited anywhere on the premises of All That's Dance & More
  • Only 1 person at a time may occupy the bathrooms unless a person needs assistance using the facilities
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited anywhere on the premises of All That's Dance & More
  • Food and beverages remain in the lobby (water bottles are allowed in the studios)
  • Failure to follow the above policies can result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the studio without refund 
  • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to discuss them with me whenever it does not interfere with a class

We are always interested in improving the dance education programs!

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