Here are just a few amazing reviews from our Parents and Students. We look forward to receiving your feedback!
  • "We are really enjoying the studio and are so HAPPY that we moved. I believe this is an environment that encourages each dancer to grow, not just in terms of their talents, but also as individuals and young ladies. You guys are doing an amazing job. Kudos!!!"

    Keisha (Parent)

  • "I honestly can't tell you how happy she is to be a part of your team. Her dad was chatting with her tonight and told her he is so thrilled that she made this incredible move to ATD. She admires you so much and your words mean so much, thank you. We can't wait to be a part of this incredible upcoming season. Thank you!! ❤️"

    Cathy (Parent)

  • "Thanks so much for putting on the show tonight. It was nice to be back on stage especially with this incredible team. I felt so supported and loved today, it was really incredible. Thank you so much ❤️"

    Ayla (Dancer)

  • "You and your staff have been so nice and welcoming and absolutely amazing! My daughter and I are very sad that we won't be a part of the All That's Dance and More family, but I will be forever grateful for the warm and welcoming experience we have had in just a short period of time. I've danced and taught dance at many different studios in my days and none come close to the professionalism and values that you and your staff portray. Thank you so much! You are wonderful people!"

    Amanda (Parent)

  • "Just a bit of feedback for you about the convention yesterday, November 21, 2021: two big, giant thumbs up from my daughter. She said it was a great day, all the guest choreographers were amazing, fun, and educational. She found the Tap class difficult because she hasn't Tapped in several years but it was still good, and she found the Hip Hop session a huge workout but also a lot of fun. Great job Miss Allysha and Mr. KC! Thank you so much for organizing such a great day for our dancers!"

    Gayle (Parent)

  • "I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a great dance camp experience. My partner attended the recital and so I got to watch the video(s) last night. I was truly thrilled with how much choreography all of the students learned in such a short time - and for so many types of dance! Thank you for a great experience and we will definitely be back next summer! (and recommend the camp to many) "

    Amber (Parent)

  • "All That's Dance (ATD) has gone above and beyond required safety protocols from the time dancers arrive at the facility to the time they leave. Dance is noncontact, masks must be worn at all times, dancers are socially distanced with clearly marked areas for each dancer, ratios are low, there is daily COVID screening with temperature checks and a strict adherence to cleaning protocols. These procedures are of paramount importance to the staff at ATD. As an elementary school teacher, I can say with confidence that the studio is much safer and dancers are more socially distanced than they are in elementary school. Elementary schools have significantly larger cohorts and periods of unstructured time where social distancing cannot be properly enforced. My daughter loves dance and I strongly believe dance has given her a positive outlet for her physical fitness and her mental health during this pandemic. Dance is a safe, healthy outlet for people of all ages and in a well run facility managed by professionals, like those at All That's Dance, it should be able to continue to operate especially during these uncertain and unprecedented times."

    Carolyn Chant (Parent)

  • "I decided to try the Adult Contemporary class while my daughter was attending her Acro Technique class. It has been many years since I took a dance lesson and I was a little bit apprehensive about what to expect. Miss Marj was absolutely fantastic. She is experienced and encouraging. We moved through choreography that was challenging and expressive but not intimidating. I will definitely see her next week and recommend anyone who is thinking about trying her class to do so! "


  • "I just wanted to let you know how much Savannah loves dancing at your studio. It has been a very positive and needed change for her having you as a teacher. Our previous studio was very negative for her and I was worried her love for dance wouldn't return. Thanks to you it has as she loves dancing at ATD. "

    Kim Marinelli (Parent)

  • "Thank you for the hours and years you have spent teaching my girls. They have learned so much more than dance from you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I look forward to many years to come. "

    Mary Katherine (Parent)

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for our girl. You have seen her grow as a person and a dancer over the years, and we are proud of the young woman she is becoming. You were indeed, a large part of this. Please know how appreciative we are. "

    Sheri K (Parent)

  • "She (Julia) loves ATD and all it represents. You have been a wonderful role model for her as well as her other teachers. She is so proud to tell others she dances at your studio. "

    Dulce M (Parent)

  • "What a wonderful studio! The setting is spectacular, the staff is fabulous, and the year end recital was fantastic! Amazing costumes and extremely well organized. Couldn't be more pleased. I would certainly suggest you check it out for yourselves and your children and grandchildren will be glad you did. The quality of instruction is second to none, and I highly recommend this studio!!!"

    Ron Lawson

  • "We've been at ATD for the past 2 seasons and going into our 3rd season with the school this fall. Prior to ATD, my daughter was a Provincial gymnast who then decided to switch to dance a couple of years ago when she was 10 years old. Naturally Acro came relatively easy to her, however, she has had to learn all other genres as well - she's received great training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop. She's had no prior training in any of these genres aside from a rec ballet class for 1 season when she was 6 years old. She's grown tremendously as a dancer the past couple of years. Fast forward to today, she's had many great achievements in the short 2 years of her dance life including being a part of World Performers Canada, which is a team representing Canada in the Dance World Cup (it was held in Spain this summer and again she's going with the team to Portugal in 2019). Without a solid foundation, she would not have gotten so far in such a short period of time. We are proud and happy to call All That's Dance & More our home studio."

    Stepani Choy (Parent)

  • "I've been dancing with ATD for the past 9 years now and sadly my journey has come to an end. Over all these years I have created so many friendships and amazing bonds with each teacher and I know I can say this is my second family. Our competitive kids are fully trained just like any studio out there and I have personally experienced the competitive team for 7 years. We as well have four girls from our studio going to Spain In June to represent Canada for dance and is a very highly trained team. I know all of the teachers try and create a bond with each and every student that enter a class and even siblings as well. We do have age appropriate quality costumes that have been seen at competitions worn by leading Toronto studios. The environment is a warm and welcoming place that you know you can be yourself and won't get judged. We laugh, we cry, we smile with one another and I know any of these girls are like a sister to me and think of these teachers as my dance moms. I will for sure miss all of this next year and do wish the best of luck for all of the girls. 123 ATD tic tic tic boooooooooooooom"

    Kaleigh Harvey (Graduating Student)

  • "I would recommend All That's Dance and have many times. I have been at the studio since Miss Natalie opened her doors. My children now dance at the studio and love it. All the teachers have a passion for dance and you can see it shine through their students. You will always see age appropriate costumes. The summer camp program is amazing and provides so much more then just dance. My girls came home at the end of the day and would talk about the magical forest they went info and the different frogs and animals they would see. The recital at the end of the week was the icing on the cake. We were able to see everything they learned that week in multiple dance styles. Hands down best dance studio in Barrie"

    Jessica Esson (Parent)

  • "i have been dancing at this studio since i was little, i have made amazing connections with teachers and peers who had became my family, this was my second home for so long and i enjoyed every minute of it. The teachers who taught me over the years were some of the most kind hearted positive people i had ever met and i'm so lucky i was apart of such a warm welcoming environment. I grew up in the studio and every year that passed while dancing there i enjoyed all my classes, teachers , and the friends i had made. I'm grateful that i was and will always be apart of the ATD family. Thank you for so many wonderful years. Xoxox"

    Emma Mallon (Student)

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