7-10 Classes

7-10 Classes

Tap | Jazz | Ballet | Acro | Musical Theatre | Hip Hop | Lyrical

For your 7-10 year old dancer we offer 1.5 hour combo classes where your dancer takes 2 styles - 45 minutes in each style - as well as 1 hour classes in a single style. In each of our 1.5 hour combo classes your dancer will learn 2 recital dances and have 2 costumes, and in each of our 1 hour classes your dancer will learn 1 recital dance and have 1 costume.

  • 7-10 Tap/Jazz  
  • 7-10 Ballet/Acro   
  • 7-10 Musical Theatre 
  • 7-10 Hip Hop 
  • 7-10 Lyrical

For combo classes we offer two levels. A level 1 class for newer dancers or those who have shown they fully grasp the 5-6 Combo Class content and a level 2 for dancers with previous training or those who have shown they fully grasp the level 1 content. On the schedule the level is indicated by the number listed after the name of the class before "REC" as well as after the listed styles.

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