Dance Styles

We facilitate a passionate and meaningful dance experience for all styles. Embrace everyone's uniqueness and various talents regardless of who they are or where they're from. We are dedicated to teaching a strong technical base and guiding each student towards gaining skill and self confidence. We promote integrity and dedication to dance, and the arts.

Offering Classes In 

Acrobatics is the use of the body in movements that require counter-balance actions usually associated with curved lines and arched back posi

This popular dance style teaches you to dance like your favourite Hip Hop and R&B music artists.

Jazz dance is an exciting and always evolving dance style full of rhythm, syncopation, passion, energy and life.

As ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, this class will teach dancers the fundamentals of dance through proper technique.

Tap dance is composed of rhythmical sounds made by movements of the feet generally executed in shoes fitted with metal taps to emphasize the beats

This class combines dance and theatre. Students will explore different characters using movement & facial expressions.

This class combines modern, jazz and ballet technique.

Pointe Dance training is available at Barrie Dance studio All That's Dance for Advanced Ballet dancers.

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