Studio Information and Policies

All dance attire may be purchased at Second Skin Fashions (905) 731-2629. They will be set up here in the studio August 15, 22, 23, 27th , 29th from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm to purchase all of your dancewear needs. (They offer great discounts!!!). 
*Or locally at Spirals 721-5558

All students may continue to wear what they have for shoes until they grow out of them. Once you need to purchase new shoes please follow this list. 

*Practice wear (body suit & tights) is required for all classes, no booty shorts, ballet skirts or tank tops *

Parent & Tot  

Ballet & Jazz - Capezio Lily 212
Tap - SHOES - black patent leather tap shoes
ATTIRE  - Black tank style bodysuit and convertible ballerina pink tights (no skirts)


Ballet & Jazz - Capezio Lily 212
Tap - SHOES - black patent leather tap shoes
ATTIRE  - Black tank style bodysuit and convertible ballerina pink tights (no skirts)


Ballet - SHOES - Capezio Lily 212 Acro- SHOES-None

ATTIRE- Tank black bodysuit (any style) and ballerina pink convertible tights.

Tap - Capezio 625 Caramel Tap Shoe
Jazz - BLOCH Dance Now 981 suntan slip-on Jazz Shoe

ATTIRE - Caramel Mondor or Capezio convertible tights and black tank (any style) bodysuit.

Musical Theatre/Hip Hop Combo class - please follow Jazz Attire above
Boys Tap - BLOCH SF3710 lace-up Black-black leggings and white t-shirt
Boys Jazz & Ballet - same as girls but in black - black leggings and white t-shirt


Ballet - SHOES-Capezio Lily 212
Acro - SHOES-None

ATTIRE - ballerina pink convertible tights & black bodysuit

Jazz - SHOES-Dance Now 981 BLOCH

ATTIRE - caramel Mondor or Capezio convertible tights and black tank (any style) bodysuit.

Boys Tap - BLOCH SF3710 lace-up Black-black leggings and white t-shirt 
Boys Jazz & Ballet-same as girls but in black - black legging and white t-shirt 


Ballet - SHOES - Capezio Lily 212 
Acro - SHOES-None

ATTIRE-ballerina pink (no seams) convertible tights & black tank bodysuit (any style)

Jazz - SHOES-SO499 by BLOCH suntan-slip on split soled Jazz shoe,
Tap - SHOES-SO389 by BLOCH suntan split soled slip-on tap shoe,

ATTIRE - light tan convertible tights, black Tank bodysuit (any style).

BOYS - Same as girls shoes but in black 


SD16 by SO Danca
Tap & Jazz same as 11-20 yrs (colour is decided when costumes have been ordered)

POINTE - Shoes must be properly fitted and purchased at The Shoeroom-National Ballet School 
- light tan Foot Paws for class work –for Competition-it will be decided when Costumes have been ordered. 

All Ages

Hip Hop - Capezio DS11 or Sansha in BLACK

ATTIRE - loose baggy clothing

Musical Theatre - same as Jazz wear
Modern/Contemporary - black bodysuit, caramel Capezio stir-ups and light nude footpaws


    Anything that you can move freely in and SO538 by Bloch Hip Hop Sneakers


    • Student’s hair must be tied back securely for class (preferably no bangs)
    • Bun is a must in ballet/acro classes -Ponytail for the other classes.


    Attendance is taken at each class and recognition is given at the end of the season for perfect attendance. Classes cannot be “made-up” for this award. You must attend all of your regularly scheduled classes to receive this award. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child ready at every class. Please call if you will be absent. Thank You.

    Class Observation

    Parents can observe at any time from the waiting area. This is in the best interest of the child.

    Low Enrolment

    Classes with low enrolment will be cancelled and combined with another class of the same level and discipline.

    Student Transfer

    The first month will be an assessment period. A student may be recommended to transfer or alternate classes based upon evaluation. Each child is placed in a class best suited to their interest and abilities.


    All schedules formulated in the fall are tentative and are subject to change upon demand.

    Progress Reports

    Each child will receive a progress report in the spring.

    Snow or Bad Weather

    The studio will not necessarily close for snow days, regardless if area schools are closed, since many times the roads are clear and safe by 2:30pm. If in doubt, call 739-6676 for a recording on whether classes will be held or not. If classes are cancelled they will not be made up at a later date.


    Holidays will generally follow school schedules. Holiday dates will be posted.


    Our year-end recital is tentatively booked for end of May or beginning of June.


    Costume fees will be approximately $85 +HST per dance discipline (for recreational students 10 yrs & under only). Costume fees will be approximately $90 for recreational students 11 yrs & up and will be due by post-dated check upon registration dated Oct. 1st. You may be responsible for sewing on some sequins, or doing minor alterations to your child’s costume. As recital costumes are ordered from a catalogue, they may not fit your child’s exact body type perfectly.
    Fees will vary for competitive students.


    All That’s Dance & More will not be held responsible for any personal injury.



    (let’s keep the studio looking new)

    • No gum chewing is allowed in class
    • No jewelry is worn in class
    • Food and beverages remains in the lobby.
    • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to discuss them with me whenever it does not interfere with a class. improving the dance education programs.

    I am always interested in improving the dance education programs.

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